Resources & Sustainable Energy

The business focus of this division is to capitalize and utilize resources that the Group owns through its land holdings or having access to vide commercial arrangements.

In Sabah, the Group owns and has access to over 60 million metric tons of high-grade limestone, the main component for the manufacturing of clinker, water treatment and as a soil conditioner for agriculture and aquaculture.

Sabah also is a state rich in many other resources, like silica, sea and river sand, nickel laterite, copper, gold and coal.

In Pahang, the Group through a production sharing agreement is conducting exploration in an area covering an area of about 1.98 hectares out of a total of 187 hectares of Gold in the tenement. As at March 2019, the inferred reserves from this tenement stands at 1.8 metric tonnes.

BOB Natural Resources River Sand for Construction
BOB Natural Resources Crushed Limestone Aggregates Feedstock

BOB Natural Resources Limestone Marble Blocks for Export
BOB Natural Resources Limestone Quarry

Gold Mining

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BOB Natural Resources

BOB Natural Resources

The availablity yearly of a large volume of palm oil biomas in the East Coast of Sabah has given rise to the Group’s entry into this sector, vide the usage of the Group’s own process technology “Biofraction”.

The cleaning up of scheduled waste and turning them into energy vide the Biofraction process is also part of the research and development currently being carried out by the renewable energy division of the Group.


BOB Natural Resources

BOB Natural Resources Char Dust

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Scheduled Waste to Heat and Energy

BOB Natural Resources